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ONE SPIRIT Body Mind Spirit Fair

Location: Noyes Gallery at Claridge, Atlantic City

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"The science is in… feeling good facilitates optimal health. 

"At ONE SPIRIT Fairs, learn how to wake-up your body’s own natural medical pharmacy and connect to a hidden world that science has only recently uncovered.

"Meet and interact with credible, local, nationally and internationally known practitioners who can remove whatever energy blocks might be keeping you in a Groundhog Day type of loop.  Interested in the future, the paranormal? They’re here too: nationally known psychics in addition to tarot & angel card readers. Have a photo taken of your aura; (where else can you do that? lol.) Have an astrological chart reading, listen to the beautiful live music of the flute, violin, and guitar, participate in a drum circle, meet famed artists, see an art demonstration and so much more."