The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University offers a wide range of educational courses. See what we have to offer below:

Summer Art Camp 1.jpg

Summer Art Camp: Week 1

Create art working up, down, left, and right as you explore the wonders of three dimensional art! Use a wide variety of unusual materials to build your artwork including cardboard, construction paper, recycled materials, nature items, craft sticks, and more. You will be introduced to the elements of 3-dimensional design (line, plane, space, shape) as you experience the fun of building!

Summer ARt Camp 2.jpg

Summer Art Camp: Week 2

Creative fun exploring many different mediums such as colored pencils, oils pastels, acrylic and tempera paint. A variety of styles of art will be experimented with while learning about different artists. Create bold, vibrant art while painting using the technique called “pointillism,” draw with oil pastels using tiny squiggles (“squigglism!”), and many more exciting activities!

Summer Art Camp 3.jpg

Summer Art Camp: Week 3

Ni hao! During our visit to China make a “chop” (signature stamp) to sign your work; practice Chinese calligraphy on a hanging scroll; paint bamboo with ink and brush; sew a Chinese zodiac animal sachet; fold paper cranes; design a Chinese shadow puppet dragon and a Beijing Opera monkey king mask; sculpt a sticky rice panda and more! Learn a new Chinese phrase every day and even a song! On the last day, parents are invited to our gallery of art projects curated by the campers!