Fish Swirls, Gouache on paper

Fish Swirls, Gouache on paper


Noyes Museum Gallery II, Hammonton

  • Exhibition dates: May 18 - July 30, 2017
  • Opening Reception: Third Thursday, May 18, 6 - 8pm
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Fred Winslow Noyes, Jr.: b. 4.19.1905 – d. 6.2.1987 

Artist and ardent collector of art, antiques and folk art, Fred Noyes was born in Philadelphia in 1905. As a young man, he attended the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts. At the invitation of Albert Barnes, Fred began studying at the Barnes Foundation. The Barnes allowed Fred to develop perception and art theory skills, which he later applied to his compositions. Noyes’ early works of the mid-1930s consist largely of landscapes and still lifes, serene, yet moody, and reminiscent of the works of Daniel Garber, a contemporary figure among Pennsylvania Impressionists. 

Following a move to New Jersey in 1933, Noyes seemed to be inspired by Paul Cezanne’s analytical flat planes, as well as the bright primitive color and passionate brush strokes employed by Fauvist artists Andre Derain and Henri Matisse. In the early ‘70s Fred’s artistic style changed dramatically. His new abstract works were vivacious, rhythmic and colorful, conveying the joy of life, evocative of the work of Spanish artist Joan Miro. Filled with lush color and whimsical forms, these paintings were singularly Fred Noyes and uniquely southern New Jersey.

Today, Noyes' art continues to inspire and his folk art and decoy collection enhances the public’s appreciation of New Jersey’s artistry.


Noyes Museum Gallery I, Hammonton

The 9th Annual Plein-Air Event: Paint Hammonton took place on Saturday, May 6, 2017. This widely anticipated event has previously attracted artists from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia in addition to many talented New Jersey artists. Painters set up their easels at locations of their choice all around the town of Hammonton to capture the effects of natural light, quickly capturing a scene before it's gone. 

Judging the competition is award-winning artist and curator Phillip J. Carroll of the Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown and Collingswood, New Jersey. Cash prizes were awarded and all of the paintings created during the event are included in an exhibition that starts that evening and runs through July 30 at the Noyes Gallery at Stockton University's Kramer Hall in downtown Hammonton at 30 Front Street.


Images above - Top, left to right: Neal Hughes working on Old Trains (honorable mention), detail of Debra Howard, Blueberries as Far as the Eye Can See (3rd place), Yvonne Mucci working on Towne. Bottom, left to right: detail of Sarah Baptist, Downtown Hammonton (2nd place), Marie Natale working on Busy Day Post Office, detail of Mike Budden, Old Farm off Chew Road (1st place).

Winning Artists' websites:

Hours and information: Kramer Hall



AC Gallery, Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University, A.C. 

  • Exhibition Dates: June 1 - July 2, 2017
  • Opening Reception: First Friday, June 9, 6 - 8pm
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Bring Back the Memories. Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Bring Back the Memories. Amersfoort, Netherlands.

As a participant on the Stockton Study Tour to the Netherlands and France in March 2017, Casey had the unique opportunity to travel with three survivors who were hidden children during the Holocaust. She traced the life stories of these survivors by visiting cities and locations that played a critical role in their survival. For some, their story had been shared many times with students of the Holocaust and genocide. For others, this was the first time they exposed themselves to the emotion of returning to what they once called home. Her photography tells their stories and provides testament to their resilience and strength.

Cuff was selected by the Stockton Board of Trustees Fellowship for the Distinguished Students program. This initiative, established in 1986, supports student-led projects of undergraduate research or creative work in keeping with the educational philosophy and mission of Stockton University. Cuff used this opportunity to create Memories Left in our Hands, in an effort to capture the raw emotion of what it means to confront the realities of one’s past. With her project, she aims to examine the ways that human beings are capable of treating one another after establishing them as the “other”. Her Fellowship work is a testament not only to the amazing resiliency of human beings faced with unimaginable horrors, but also to the dark past we must continue to recollect and progress from.

We Feel the Loss, Paris, France

We Feel the Loss, Paris, France

"As our community of living Holocaust survivors is rapidly fading away, it has become increasingly important for us to continue their stories. In Western Europe, Maud Dahme, Leo Ullman, and Dan Kochavi left their memories of the Holocaust in my hands. Through these photographs, I leave them in yours."

-Casey Cuff

Artist's Website

The Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center at Stockton University

Study Tour to Netherlands and France Spring Break 2017


Jazlyn Quish, Grand Prismatic Spring

Jazlyn Quish, Grand Prismatic Spring

Osprey Gallery, Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University, A.C. 

  • Exhibition Dates: June 1 - July 2, 2017
  • Opening Reception: First Friday, June 9, 6 - 8pm
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The Noyes Museum of Art presents the work of Stockton University’s Photography Club. Six young artists with a variety of academic backgrounds represent their photography club in this exhibition of their favorite works. The club, recently founded by Shawn Chesek, seeks to help students learn and grow within the field of photography, while connecting students with similar interests.

Featured Artists:

Shawn Chesek (Facebook: Chesek Photography, @Chesekphotography,, Victoria Mitchell, Austin Cooper, Jazlyn Quish, Cheyenne Setneska, Jasmine Wilker, and Brett McCarron.


Noyes Gallery I, The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University, A.C.

  • Exhibition dates: May 4 - July 2, 2017
  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, May 12, 6 - 8 pm
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Michael Pascucci works in a figurative abstract style that emphasizes visual metaphors relating to the human condition. He believes that his sculptures are essentially romantic because they metaphorically connect to core feelings and thus enhance an awareness of self.

There are times Art triggers our imagination and becomes a means for transcendental feelings about our universal connectedness. As a sculptor, I am inspired by the wonder and awe of how shapes and forms are assembled and integrated into the incredible well-structured and beautiful designs that we find in Nature. I endeavor to create objects that are beautiful and that appeal to our innate sense of beauty. Ultimately, we learn or feel from the works that there is more about being human than meets the eye. 

  — Michael V. Pascucci     

Ellen Hanauer, Therapy

Ellen Hanauer, Therapy


Noyes Gallery II, The Arts Garage, A.C. 

  • Exhibition dates: April 7 - June 25, 2017
  • Opening Reception: Second Friday, Friday, April 14, 6 - 8pm
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There are times in our lives when the floor drops unexpectedly from under out feet and propels us on a dark journey. This human condition of loss often feels surreal and affects each of us in profound and unexpected ways. This is a painful process, as we descend into denial, anger, negotiation and despair. We find ourselves adrift, our compasses malfunction, and we are left disoriented and despondent. Finally, there is acquiescence, the inflection point where healing commences. 

This exhibition is an emotional recollection of my own transformation, which has taken me from the abyss to a place where potential is limitless. I have chosen to use fiber as my medium ,as it brings an unthreatening quality to this provocative and sometimes uncomfortable subject. Emerging from the darkness has helped me to see the possibilities that can only be discovered through the path of deconstruction and reconstruction. 

- Ellen Hanauer            

Chuck Law,  Dunes

Chuck Law,  Dunes


Noyes Gallery at the Seaview Resort, Galloway

  • Exhibition Dates: April 13 - August 27, 2017

Chuck Law is a plein-air and studio landscape artist working primarily in oils. A life-long artist, Law turned to painting full time in 2005, discovering the joys and challenges of leaving the studio, going outdoors and painting directly from nature. He has since studies with some of the finest plein-air and landscape artists in the country. Well- regarded throughout the mid-Atlantic region, his work is included in private collections across the United States. 

A recipient of numerous awards, he was a finalist two times in the nationally recognized Raymar Fine Art Competition and, most recently he received the Purchase Award from Ocean City Annual Juried Boardwalk Fine art Show. Law has had a number of solo shows at the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University, the Ocean City Art Center and Atlantic Cape Community College.

Chuck Law is included in the publication "100 Plein-Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic." He is a Signature Artist of the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University, and a member of the Mid-Atlantic Plein-Air Painters Association. He is also actively involved with the Ocean City fine Arts League and is a member of Oil Painters of America. Law is an instructor i oil painting at the Ventnor Cultural Art Center and offers workshops on plein-air painting.

Location: Noyes Gallery, Stockton's Seaview Resort, Galloway Township



Location: Shore Medical Center, 100 Medical Center Way, Somers Point, NJ 08244

Fine and folk art objects from the Permanent Collection of the Noyes Museum of Art are temporarily on view at Shore Medical Center. Selected works include fine duck decoys, chosen from the Museum's vast holding of artifacts that help to highlight and preserve the history and culture of South Jersey. The unique Purple Martin Palace, created in 1935 by Leslie Christofferson, can also be found at Shore Medical Center.


Leslie Christofferson, Purple Martin Palace Birdhouse, ca. 1935, Noyes Permanent Collection - Folk Art

Leslie Christofferson, Purple Martin Palace Birdhouse, ca. 1935, Noyes Permanent Collection - Folk Art