The Legacy of Fred & Ethel Noyes

Fred & Ethel Noyes

Fred & Ethel Noyes

Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Noyes, Jr. are best known as the developers of Historic Smithville Inn and the surrounding Towne of Historic Smithville Inn. They also created the Ram's Head Inn restaurant in Absecon, and were the founders and chief benefactors of The Noyes Museum of Art.

The Noyes’ established the Mr. and Mrs. Fred Winslow Noyes Foundation on June 8, 1973, with the intention of forming a museum that would reflect their interests. Upon the sale of the Towne of Historic Smithville to the American Broadcasting Company in the summer of 1974, the Noyes’ began plans for the museum. Those plans were delayed by Mrs. Noyes' untimely death in January 1979. Mr. Noyes and the remaining trustees of the foundation saw the completion of the museum building and its inaugural exhibitions in June 1983. Mr. Noyes continued to oversee operation of the museum until his passing in 1987. 

Art was the heartbeat of Fred Winslow Noyes, Jr. He painted until he could no longer hold a paintbrush. His painting reveals his joy in life and his delight in his surroundings. His perseverance to produce a body of work, no matter what the other demands in his life, leaves us with his legacy today.

Our current locations: Noyes Arts Garage of Atlantic City and Noyes Galleries at Kramer Hall